About Company

Apex Contracting & Decoration Company

It is a leading Egyptian company in the field of contracting, working in the Arab Republic of Egypt since 2008 in various housing constructions, as well as hospitals, schools and factories.
It also works in the field of water and sewage networks, concrete factories, as well as metal constructions. The company owns many production equipment and workshops, which qualifies it to implement major projects.
It also has a group of experienced engineers, administrators and technical workers to carry out all work at the highest level of efficiency and accuracy according to specific, studied and carefully planned timetables. We always celebrate the successes we have achieved in our field of work.

The goals of the company

Why Us

Because we are committed to the highest quality standards in executing projects through a highly trained technical team under the supervision of a team of project managers, engineers and supervisors, using the highest equipment owned by the company, which qualifies it to finish projects according to the timeline.

Our Vision

For Apex Contracting and Decoration to be one of the leading companies in the field of construction, building and general supplies in Africa and the Middle East.

Our Message

Working on training and developing the work team with the best modern training programs and attracting the best engineering and administrative technical and practical competencies in the Egyptian market, paying attention to the best quality standards according to international standards for the construction industry, using the best appropriate and appropriate modern technology applications, and making achieving customer satisfaction the top priority and the trend towards attending major conferences In the field of our industry and opening a strong network of relationships in the African market according to an attractive and advanced marketing plan to achieve our vision with the highest levels of efficiency, effectiveness and national participation in supporting the vision of the Egyptian state.